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Serial Memory Interfacing.


Serial memory interfacing of 24C02A with P89V51RD2 Microcontroller.


Using a 8051 development board to interface a 2 KBit serial ROM.
The ROM contains 32 pages of 8 Bytes. 8bytes of data can be transfered
in a single function by just giving the initial address.
Data is transferred using sda(serial data) pin and synchronization
is done through scl(serial clock pin).

The zipped file of Keil microvision project can be downloaded by
clicking the link at the bottom.

The comm port interface is default setting of 9600 baud rate, 8 bit
1 stop bit, parity none and no flow control. Turn on the Hyperterminal
character echo.

Upon starting the Microcontroller "$:" prompt will come. Hit the
command "login". Whatever upto 7 character name you type in will
be sent to the ROM, last character being "/0"-terminating character.
Upon typing "mem"- the last store data will be shown even after
powering off and on the device.
Wrong character string input will show error.

The functions in the program can be used in bigger projects.
Click Here to download SERIAL FLASH ROM Interfacing Project
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