Electronic Project Description



4.1 Surround Sound System with power amplifier.


First we shall understand the meaning of surround sound.

2.1 Channel surround sound:-
2 Channels are- L and R.
.1 is the Sub Woofer. Due to the low frequency only one sub-Woofer is enough
as our ears can't detect direction of such low frequencies. It will take
a total web page for the theory, so skipping it.

4.1 Channel surround sound:-
2 Channels are- L and R.
2 Channels are- Rear L and Rear R.
Actually the rear channels are nothing but the difference between the
sound of Front L and Front R at a given time, so when there is no sound from the left
speakers and loud sound from the right speakers, we hear a loud sound from the rear surround
sound speakers.(i.e. mod(5-0)=5 or mod(0-5)=5), the RHS of the equation is the value of the
rear speakers.
.1 is the Sub Woofer.


It consists a Golden Surround sound kit, a Power amplifier kit with dual IC LA4440 with 10Watts RMS
power output.
A 3A, 12V transformer is used for the Amplifier power supply and a 1A seperate power supply is used
for the surround sound kit. The metal cabinet is a general purpose voltage stabilizer cabinet.
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