Electronic Project Description



10 + 10 Band Audio Graphic Equilizer.


Graphic Equilizers are connected between pre-amplifier and power amplifier of an audio
system either before or after the volume control depending upon the requirements.
The Audio Equilizer here can atuanuate or boost from -12dB to 12dB at a frequency
range from 30Hz to 20KHz. The frequency range is divided into 10 bands for each L or R channel.


Assembled from Golden Ready Made Kit. Golden has copied the circuit design from Philips.
The circuit consists 10 active band pass filters which are connected between the input
and output of the graphic equilizer.
Each IC contains 5 Op-Amps around which the filters are built.
The Gain of each Band pass filter is controlled by the Linear(Lin) Vertical Resistances.
The kit dosen't come with a power supply, a 12V DC power supply board with Regulator
IC 7812 with max. 1A capacity has been installed. The kit contains 3 switches for EQ-BYPASS,
I/P Selection and O/P Selection.
Max current consumption is 800mA so installed a 1A transformer.
The Body is made of metal and suitable face plates are available at Kolkata Chandni Chowk.
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