Customize your Raspbian image with Static IP, Wi-fi SSID and Password before starting your Pi

It must be an annoying issue for Raspberry Pi users that whenever you try to run the Raspberry Pi for the first time with Raspbian image, you require a keyboard/mouse and a HDMI monitor to do the initial startup.
You log in with the default usename/password, expand the filesystem and do a whole lot of things like insert a Wi-fi dongle, select your Wi-fi network and set up the password.
Lot of people use LAN and may give a static IP to the Ethernet port.
After the initial setup many people use the Pi without a monitor or keyboard attached by using VNC or SSH connection.

If you need to initialize a Pi without having to connect a monitor and Keyboard, there are few ways and one of the ways is to use the script below.

This Shell Script here is a full fledge tool which can embed a Wi-Fi SSID, Password and Ethernet static IP into the Raspbian image before it is burned onto the SD card.
The tool can download the latest version of Raspbian image, do the image customization and burn it on to the SD card plugged into your computer or it can customize an existing Raspbian image on your PC.
The tool can also detect the Wi-fi SSID to which your PC or Laptop is connected and write the same SSID into the image, all you need to do is provide the Wi-Fi password.

After you turn On the Pi with the image on the SD card and Wi-fi dongle plugged into the Pi, it will automatically connect to the Wi-fi router.

The tool also has the function to SSH into a freshly connected Pi on the same subnet.

You can download the tool from its github repository:

Please read the documents to unravel all the features of this tool.

You can watch these two youtube videos for step by step setup. The 1st one is for LAN setup and the 2nd one is for Wi-Fi setup.

1. Static IP LAN

2. Wi-Fi setup

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